Grande Sports Academy students graduate from Vista Grande High School

CASA GRANDE, Ariz. – Eight Grande Sports Academy students graduated from Vista Grande High School in a beautiful ceremony on Thursday evening. Victor Alvarez, Corey Baird, Tyler Buckley, Adam Ferguson, Damian German, Radu Marcu, Dillon Nino and Moises Rodriguez proudly represented Grande Sports Academy at the ceremony.

Leading the group was Adam Ferguson, who graduated Summa cum Laude with a 4.549 GPA and gave a speech to the graduating class in honor of his academic achievement. “He had a goal and he met his goal… All A’s – all the way from kindergarten through senior year,” said Karen Ferguson, Adam’s mother.

“It’s exciting. I had tears in my eyes because I’m very proud of him. I’m proud of how well he did both in soccer and academics and I’m excited to see him moving on to other things, too,” said Karen. Adam has committed to Emory College and will be going there in the fall.

Adam is grateful for the academic assistance that living at Grande Sports Academy offered him. “The advantage here is that we have tutors that really can help you and teach you more stuff that maybe you didn’t get in the lesson at school. It really is an advantage and I think it’s a lot like college. It really does prepare kids here for college,” said Adam.

Having reached the end of his time at Grande Sports Academy, Adam thought back to his favorite moments at the academy. “The National Championship was for sure one memory. Winning it was pretty big for us. But I would say there’s also a lot of small memories: Staying up late in study hall with my friends, messing around at practice, little moments like that really made this place fun and exciting… The little moments made this place like home and allowed me to find friends that I know will last forever,” said Adam.

Looking back, Karen is happy with how her son has matured since joining Grande Sports Academy, saying, “I think one of the biggest things is how much he’s grown personally… I think he’s had the best soccer training that he could have ever imagined being here, which has been just wonderful for him.”

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  1. Jim Maynes

    Congrats Adam! A great Student, athlete and most importantly a great person!
    The Maynes Family