Seven Grande Sports Academy students commit to colleges

CASA GRANDE, Ariz. – As the end of the school year approaches and students begin preparations to leave for college, seven more Grande Sports Academy students have made college commitments for the 2014-15 school year. Victor Alvarez, Ishan Atit, Kiuno Cann, Adam Ferguson, Radu Marcu, Moises Rodriguez and Patricio Yrizar are the latest batch of Grande Sports Academy players to commit.

Patricio Yrizar will be attending Cal Poly Pomona next year, but it was not a quick decision. “I talked a lot with my parents. The coaches were able to help me throughout my decision. The coaches convinced my parents and I about Cal Poly: the soccer program, the academic program and the architecture program that I want to take.

“It was so much easier for me, coming here to [Grande Sports Academy], because I wanted to come to college in the USA. If I had stayed in Mexico it would’ve been so much harder. [Grande Sports Academy] opens you to so many options for colleges, for pro teams, soccer-wise and academic-wise, it helped me so much,” said Yrizar.

Adam Ferguson, who graduated Summa cum Laude from Vista Grande High School, will be going to Emory College. “I had a few options of where I wanted to go, and talking with my parents, we just figured that Emory was the best academically for me and also allowed me a chance to play on their soccer team. It was just the best fit for me,” said Ferguson.

Ishan Atit will be attending Drexel University. “I had a couple of options, it was the best school and I got the highest scholarship from there, all academic. And it’s a D-I school, so if I make the soccer team it’ll be a great experience,” said Atit.

The other players that have committed (and their colleges): Victor Alvarez (Richmond International Academic & Soccer Academy [UK]), Kiuno Cann (Lynn University), Radu Marcu (Trinidad State Junior College) and Moises Rodriguez (Tyler Community College).

You can see the list of Grande Sports Academy college and professional commitments in its entirety here.