Barça Residency Academy student-athletes engage in a dynamic mix of soccer, academics, and personal development while forming bonds and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Our staff understands the importance of every detail that is instrumental to our student-athletes’ development.
Our staff strives to provide a seamless environment that allows student-athletes to solely focus on their education and athletic goals.


We provide an unmatched level of professionalism and accommodate a myriad of needs and requests by offering:
  • An award-winning professional environment
  • On-site access to dorms, eight soccer fields, nutritional dining and training facilities
  • An excellent high school education overseen by Arizona State University
  • A safe, supportive, and comfortable campus
  • Volunteer program cultivating philanthropy
  • Educational and leisure excursions
  • 24/7 personalized care by resident staff


Our coaching staff is nationally and internationally recognized for their professional playing and coaching careers at the highest levels collegiately, professionally, and internationally. They are committed and dedicated to providing superior youth development, training, and coaching for our student-athletes.

Alongside our exceptional top-level coaching staff, we offer more than 150 Grande Sports World employees who support the student-athletes and help them achieve and maintain elite levels of performance.

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Barça Residency Academy provides the perfect environment for students to fulfill their individual potential.

Players receive the highest quality training on the field and the highest quality instruction in the classroom through Arizona State University’s Preparatory Academy. ASU Prep delivers a globally competitive education model that is integrated with the university curriculum, providing students with opportunities to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to excel.

Campus Life

Deep bonds form among our student-athletes as they live, study, play and grow together.

Our campus layout puts all of your academic, training, and personal needs in close proximity to the dorms, allowing you to easily walk from The ASU Preparatory School, the Performance Center, the Dining Commons, the soccer fields, and the pools.

Be identified and considered for the full-time residential academy teams.

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