Spring Training

Grande Sports World Welcomes 3D Lacrosse Spring Training Camp

Spring Training Camp – Casa Grande, AZ 2011 Dates Week 1 Option 1: Arrive on Sun, March 20 and depart Fri, March 25 (5 nights) Option 2: Arrive on Sunday, March 20 and depart on Sat, March 26 (6 nights) Week 2 Option 1: Arrive on Sun, March 27 and depart Friday, April 1 (5...
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Professional Soccer Spring Training in Arizona and Grande Sports World

Historians disagree on the exact beginnings, but one story goes that it was the Cincinnati Reds and Chicago White Sox who were the first baseball teams to hold preseason camps somewhere warm when they reported to New Orleans in 1870 (so long ago that both teams had the word “Stocking” in their official team names)....
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