Grande Sports Academy players recognized at Vista Grande High School’s Academic Award Evening

CASA GRANDE, Ariz. – It was a night for celebration on Thursday at Vista Grande High School, as the school’s top students were awarded for their outstanding achievement in the classroom. 16 Grande Sports Academy players were honored at Vista Grande’s Academic Award Evening.

Students were recognized for achieving at least a 3.5 GPA, becoming a member of National Honor Society, and in the case of Grande Sports Academy’s Adam Ferguson, he received the honor of Summa cum Laude for graduating in the top one percent of his class. Adam will be speaking at Vista Grande High School’s graduation ceremony on Thursday, May 22 in honor of his feats in the classroom.

The following Grande Sports Academy players were invited to the event:


Class of 2016 (GPAs): Alexander Knox* (4.41), Conor Orton (4.308), Jared Osgood (3.83), Miles Stray (3.692)

Class of 2015: Luis Barraza (3.873), Justen Glad (4.467), Jose Hernandez (3.683), Nicholas LaMonica* (3.864), Tevin Lowe (4.323) Trent Lowe (4.162), Jonathan Min (3.892), Duncan Storey (4.271), Evan Waldrep* (4.468)

Class of 2014: Corey Baird (4.264), Adam Ferguson** (4.549), Dillon Nino (3.98)

*National Honor Society **Summa cum Laude