Real Salt Lake Arizona U18 Player Pool

M. Bersano

D. Foy

P. Pray

E. Zavaleta

N. Miller

C. Clay

J. Brock

A. Herrera

C. Wadas

D. Molina

C. Phillips

M. Costello

F. Calderon

M. Romero

E. Jasso

O. Ortega

E. Cervantes

A. Sanchez

R. Velasco

D. Reyes

D. Toia

D. Olivas

A. Elzaharna

P. Galan

I. Aceves

B. Bates

B. Suarez

B. Hoyt

2 Responses
  1. my name is jon orozco-atencio and i am a goalkeeper,i wanted to know if i would be able to go tomorrow to stay there over night and play in the game that the u.s. national team is going to be looking at because i couldnt go yesterday because i was studying for a CRT for school plaes email back as soon as possible